Avoid Wasting Time

“If you waste my time, don’t expect me to hang out with you very long.” This could have been said by a buyer or seller or a real estate agent. Time is valuable and no one wants to waste their time. 45568020-250.jpg

Most people can’t put their lives on-hold while they’re trying to buy or sell a home. Whether they have a family, are a couple or are single, life continues and the time constraints of moving can become burdensome.

Your agent is committed to helping you save time while making the experience memorable. They know the process and the potential problem areas and can help you avoid them or move through them in the most efficient way possible. Communicate openly with your agent about constraints you have on your time, where flexibility exists in your schedule and where it doesn’t. Remember that your agent can’t control the inventory of products available to you as a buyer, or the potential buying prospects who are in the market when you’re a seller. Essentially, your agent has only the intangibles of time, experience, knowledge and expertise to offer to apply for your benefit. You can help your agent to focus on doing just that.

To preserve your time and your agent’s, consider the following:

  • If your plans to buy or sell change, let your agent know.
  • Since most agents will and do work evenings and weekends as required, they have to find leisure time where they can. Especially when you need to schedule an evening or weekend appointment, give your agent as much notice as possible.
  • Unless you’ll be making a cash purchase, get pre-approved for financing through a trusted mortgage professional.
  • Cooperate with your loan professional by providing all requested documentation.
  • If your purchase will be made on cash terms, prepare to document the source of the available funds.
  • If you visit builder or REALTOR® open houses without your agent, immediately notify them that you have an agent.
  • Direct all communication to the other party of your real estate purchase/sale contract through your agent until after closing.

Your agent is working to help you meet your goals. Things work best when it’s like a partnership where each party mutually respects the other and their resources including their time.

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